New Driving Trend: Stairway to... Police Station?

In a daring move that’s sure to start a new driving trend, a gentleman in Jõhvi decided that roads were too mainstream for his Volkswagen. Why follow the beaten path when you can create your own? Captured on the Jõhvi police station’s security camera, this trailblazer turned his car into a makeshift mountaineer, opting for the stairs instead of the road. Because why not?

His innovative shortcut led him directly to the police station’s entrance. Talk about curbside service! It’s almost as if he wanted a grand entrance. Or maybe he was just testing the suspension on his car? Either way, he certainly caught the attention of the local police, who were probably just thrilled to have front-row seats to this spectacle.

Now, while no one was harmed during this gentleman’s creative detour, the police later contacted him for a little chat. Perhaps they were curious about his navigation skills or wanted tips on unconventional driving routes. It turns out, shockingly, that this was not an intentional act of vehicular bravado but a mere error. The driver was, to put it mildly, quite startled by his own feat.

He confessed to his mistake and promised to stick to the roads, probably realizing that staircases aren’t part of the official driving test. Let this be a lesson to all: when the GPS says “take the next right,” it’s probably not referring to the staircase. Who knew?

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