The new McLaren Artura Spider: next-generation supercar exhilaration

McLaren has unveiled the Artura Spider, marking the company’s first venture into the realm of high-performance hybrid convertibles. This launch accompanies the introduction of a new model for the Artura coupe, both designed to enhance the driving experience with significant power and performance upgrades. The Artura Spider and coupe, both 2025 models, are now available for order, with deliveries starting mid-year depending on the region.

The Artura Spider stands out with its lightweight engineering, boasting a dry weight of just 1,457kg and a kerb weight of 1,560kg, setting a new standard for convertibles in its class. The hybrid powertrain produces 700PS, offering a power-to-weight ratio of 480PS/tonne. This remarkable efficiency is achieved through the McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA), which ensures rigidity without the fixed roof and houses an innovative ethernet electrical architecture for reduced weight.

McLaren has recalibrated the Artura’s hybrid powertrain, extracting an additional 20PS from the V6 engine, bringing the total power output to 700PS. This recalibration enhances performance across the rev range and will be offered to existing Artura owners at no extra cost. The 3.0-litre M630 V6 engine is notable for its compactness and lightweight design, contributing to the car’s agility and performance.

The Artura’s audio experience is elevated with a revised valved exhaust system, providing a clearer and more engaging engine note. For those seeking an even more immersive sound, an optional sports exhaust system is available.

The hybrid system includes a compact axial flux E-motor within the transmission bell housing, producing 95PS and 225Nm, supported by a 7.4kWh battery pack offering an EV range of 33km. This setup ensures that the hybrid components add only 130kg to the overall weight, maintaining the Artura’s competitive edge in performance metrics.

Acceleration figures for the Artura Spider are impressive, with 0-100km/h achieved in 3.0 seconds, and a top speed limited to 330km/h. The car features Launch Control and a new ‘Spinning Wheel Pull-Away’ feature for exhilarating starts.

Dynamic performance is further refined with new powertrain mounts and a rear suspension design that maximizes stability and agility. The Artura’s handling is adjustable through three dynamic modes, and its connectivity with the road is enhanced by Pirelli Cyber Tyre technology and an advanced braking system.

The Artura Spider introduces a new aerothermal cooling system to accommodate the Retractable Hard Top (RHT), which operates in just 11 seconds, offering a seamless convertible experience. Its design incorporates all-new buttresses and a heated rear screen, ensuring visibility and comfort are uncompromised.

Inside, the Artura Spider features a purposeful, driver-focused cabin with adjustable Clubsport seats as standard. The McLaren infotainment system (MIS II) delivers high-definition responsiveness and supports a range of ADAS driver assistance features.

Pricing for the Artura Spider starts at £221,500 in the UK, with multiple interior specifications available to cater to diverse preferences. Each new Artura comes with comprehensive warranty packages, including a five-year unlimited mileage vehicle warranty and a six-year battery warranty.

In summary, the McLaren Artura Spider represents a significant leap forward in the world of high-performance hybrids, offering unparalleled agility, efficiency, and driver engagement. Its innovative design and technology set new benchmarks for the supercar segment, promising an exhilarating open-top driving experience.

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