From 1 July legal persons can grant powers of attorney for vehicle transactions only in e-service

The submission of powers of attorney by legal persons through e-service will make the authorization procedure faster, easier and more secure. For example, neither the representative nor the represented person need to wait for the Transport Administration specialist to enter the power of attorney data on paper into the system, or to compile the text separately and forward it by e-mail. We value Your time – this change will save a lot of Your time. Also, the person submitting the power of attorney is every time securely identified.

Please note that the authorization given in e-service is valid for performing operations at e-service and the Transport Administration bureau. The granted rights, validity and permitted operations granted by the power of attorney are visible to all the necessary parties. The authorizations given in the e-service also help to prevent situations when authorizations given to previous employees who no longer work in the company, remain valid. In e-service, the representative and the represented person can see the authorizations and can easily and quickly manage, change or cancel them. After a new authorization is issued, the old authorizations granted to the same person automatically become invalid, thus avoiding a situation when one person has several same authorizations submitted in different ways (e.g. at bureau, by e-mail, etc.).

The amendment, which will take place from 1 July 2021 applies only to legal persons registered in Estonia, because foreign persons usually do not have an opportunity to enter the Transport Administration e-service. In case the e-service is not available for technical reasons (e.g.  system maintenance works, etc.), authorizations can be given in the old way (e.g. in writing or by e-mail).

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