Yutong Xiaoyu 2.0 Won Red Dot Award

On June 21, the autonomous bus Xiaoyu 2.0 designed by Yutong was awarded the 2021 Red Dot Award. Yutong has become world’s first autonomous bus manufacturer recognized by design award, as well as the only bus brand in China winning Red Dot Award. This proves that Yutong’s capacity in industrial design and autonomous driving solutions have been recognized by worldwide design field.

The hybrid of intelligence and aesthetic design may be the cause why Xiaoyu 2.0 won Red Dot award.

With 5G V2X transmission technology, unnecessary suspending is avoided by the interactions between vehicle and traffic light. Just like the victory of ALPHA GO, upon variety of radars embedded inside vehicle, Xiaoyu 2.0 is the delivery of computing strategy, braking distance, timing and smoothness.

Xiaoyu 2.0 has adopted a full stack solution for both software and hardware, which greatly facilitates its powerful autonomous driving in order to fulfill complicated needs of all-weather transportation. Xiaoyu 2.0 does not rely on infrastructure but by single vehicle intelligence, over 500 TOPS computing power embedded allows Xiaoyu 2.0 to realize superb and smooth operation.

Xiaoyu has a futuristic look inspired by spacecraft. Engineering and aesthetic factors are smartly reconciled by excessive size porthole and the mapping of laser radar and lens.

Xiaoyu 2.0 has entered the stage of massive distribution in Guangzhou, Nanjing, Sansha, Changsha and Zhengzhou. The implementation has been over 700 days, reaching 360 thousand trips and 7.1 million kilometers of operations for open roads. Xiaoyu 2.0 is also China’s first autonomous bus which is introduced into tarmac test in Changsha airport.

Yutong may be the earlier player in the field of new energy and internet of intelligence. As of now, Yutong has firmly mastered five essential technologies including integrated perception, decision and planning, execution parameters, on-bus super computing platform and cloud control platform. In 2020, Yutong put great efforts to build up its finest engineering team of autonomous driving in the world, which directly resulted in the best performance of Xiaoyu 2.0.

In 2020, the release of intelligent traffic brand WitGo also became the real solution for city-level traffic problems. WitGo could perfectly support the entirety of public traffic with smart vehicles, intelligent roads, unmanned terminals, autonomous charging system, intelligent bus stop and cloud control platform. Yutong therefore can gain better momentum on intelligent and autonomous driving in the new era of 5G.

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